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Welcome Wedding Kit for your Guests

August 9, 2022

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Welcome kits are super sweet and trendy ways to make your guests feel cared for, loved, and well served. By giving them a welcome bag full of goodies, you can make their stay joyous. Instead of offering different kits separately, make a cute basket and stuff all things together to make it an ultimate welcome wedding kit! 


If you are not sure what to put in the welcome gift bags, don’t worry! To help you out, I am sharing wedding kit ideas to surprise your loved ones.


Local ingredients

Welcome your guests and show your love by introducing them to the area. Do this through your favorite local snack or something else characteristic to the area.



It is the best item you should include in the welcome bags, especially when planning a destination wedding. Keep your guests in the loop of all the details planned, from the welcome party to the post-wedding events. It should include all details about time, event, dress code, and you can also have a wedding website link so they can access essential information. 


Indulge in sweetness

You can go for your favorite indulgent sweets. It’s interesting to incorporate cookies and chocolates to treat your guests with love.


Hangover helpers

Create a special hangover kit for your loved ones, including a bottle of water, vitamin C, Advil, or anything that can help them combat morning-after ailments that might not let them enjoy the rest of the events.


Remember your theme

Consider keeping your wedding color palette and theme in mind even when it comes to your welcome bags. You can choose meaningful items packed in theme colors to give a beautiful and cohesive look.


Thank you notes

Welcome bags for weddings are an amazing opportunity to thank your guests. So show them your love through a thoughtful thank you letter and tell them how happy you are with their presence on your special day.


These are some of the essential things you can include in your welcome wedding kit for your family and friends. I hope these ideas that I shared will help you treat your guests with care and make their stay even more memorable. 




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